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Khan Funds was established by Eric Xuefeng Dai. In 1993, as a medical student, 18-year-old Eric stepped into the capital market in China; Being as a dentist for 5 years after obtaining dental degree from stomatology college of WCUMS, he then switched his career to work in securities companies in Shenzhen due to personal interest and outstanding investment performance; In 2006, he founded his own company - Khan Funds. 


From 2006 to 2014, due to Eric’s investment talent, continuous studying and endless endeavors, he got proficient understanding of the 3000+ public companies in China, and developed Khan Funds into a strong asset management company with more than 50 staffs, ran 14 hedge funds, and established medical scholarship in Peking University. 


In October 2014, Eric founded Khan Funds Management America, Inc. and began his American dream. In 2017, because of his extraordinary ability in financial field, Eric applied immigration to the U.S. through EB1-A, and the application was granted 5 days after the submission. During the same year, to firmly protect the benefit of the U.S., Eric had to resist the tremendous temptation from the Chinese Communist Party and endure the brutal persecution on him by the CCP. 


In 2018, even though employees in the American company resigned their jobs, bank in the U.S. refused to be as the custodian for Eric’s long-prepared hedge fund, and tortured by his own mental and physical diseases, Eric still tenaciously stood up. With the supports from the only one local American employee who trusts and stands with Khan Funds, and several core members who joined the company nine years ago and followed him to the U.S., Eric and Khan Funds restarted the long-term investment career. 


Eric always comforts and encourages his team, “Unfortunately, we were born and grew up in China, a country controlled by CCP, but all of us were graduated from the top tier universities in China, and nothing can stop an honest and hard-working man from pursuing freedom and happiness. Khan Funds Management America, Inc. was established in the U.S., a great nation. We have a dream, the American dream. We never gave up, and will never, ever.” 


 Executive Team

Eric Xuefeng Dai, M.D., Founder of Khan Funds Management America, Inc. Graduated from WCUMS, he has more than two decades’ investment experience. He is an honest person obsessed with trading and investment in financial market, and always pursuing freedom and justice. 

Sophie Xinmanni Xu, joined Khan Funds in 2009 after obtaining Master degree in Political Economics from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China.

Alice Junqi Zhang, joined Khan Funds in 2009 after graduation from Peking University Law School.



In 2018, Khan Funds Management America, Inc. began its long-term investment in stocks in the S&P 500 Index (meanwhile, the persecution by the CCP made the company encounter obstacles, and made Eric suffer from mental and physical diseases). 


In 2017, Eric applied immigration into the U.S. by EB1-A through his extraordinary ability in financial field and got approval 5 days after the application submission.


In 2017, to defend America, Khan Funds and Eric’s family suffered fierce persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. 


In 2016, Khan Funds engaged in merge and acquisition activities in the U.S., the company suffered persecution by the CCP. 


In 2016, Eric took place as CEO of Khan Funds Management America, Inc.; Khan Funds moved into its newly renovated office in One World Trade Center; Eric became tax resident of the U.S.


In 2015, Khan Funds managed 10+ hedge funds.


In 2015, Khan Funds (Asia) was founded.


In 2015, Khan Funds (Beijing) was founded. Khan Funds Management America, Inc. signed a 15-year lease agreement with One World Trade Center.


In 2014, Khan Funds Management America, Inc. was founded.


In 2009, Khan Funds began to build its core team by individualized training, to get ready for the globalization of the company.


In 2008, Khan Funds (Chongqing) was founded.


In 2006, Khan Funds was founded in Shenzhen China. 


The Hand Behind the COVID-19 is Chinese Communist Party

The COVID-19's boss is Chinese Communist Party

As of April 16, 2020 more than 33,000 Americans died because of the ugly Chinese Wuhan virus, COVID-19, and more than a half million Americans have been infected. We are so sad and shocked by the Chinese Communist Party’s inhumanity.

Covid-19 is not a common virus like flu virus. Based on our study and knowledge of medical science, we know that this virus was synthesized by the Wuhan P4 Lab, an institute controlled by the Chinese military. The ugly CCP intentionally created the virus and unleashed onto the world.

We understand that the CCP just wants to create chaos for America and Europe, so that it then can manipulate the state apparatuses to make China the strongest country in the world. Actually, that idea originated in “The Art of War”, an ancient Chinese military treaties written by Sun Tsu over 2000 years ago.

But CCP, you should understand that your inhumane action will cause you to go to hell, and you will not be the winner. Even though this virus was synthesized by the combination of AIDS and Ebola virus, you should understand that Remdesivir is useful to kill your virus, and this medicine is going to be available to the public very soon. We acknowledge that a lot of Americans have not yet understood that the virus was made by you, such an evil party.  But we believe that Americans will wake up sooner or later.

Finally, we love the great country, not only because the Constitution empowers its people the right to keep and bear Arms. Here, we strongly hope that America and Americans will be safe and healthy. We hope that the Chinese Communist Party disappears as soon as possible. We hope that the Chinese people will no longer be enslaved to the Chinese Communist Party and will stop being hated by the world for the evil deeds of the Chinese Communist Party!

                                                                                                                                     April 16, 2020